Healing of the Blind Man


Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1871



Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1871

In Bloch’s representation of this story, the blind Bartimaeus, who has been begging by the highway, falls to his knees and reaches out as Christ approaches. Emphasizing his blind condition, Bloch shows Bartimaeus begging in the shadow of the city walls; soon, he will stand and walk into the light. His tattered raiment and the beggar’s plate by his side attest to his dependence on the charity of others as they pass by. As Jesus approaches, He reaches out to touch the eyes of the blind man. The man on the left with a red turban looks on skeptically, and one of the disciples restrains the two tyoung children so that this miracle may take place without interruption or commotion.

The healing of the blind has become a metaphor for Christ’s mission to heal the spriritual blindness of mankind.

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