Moroni and the Title of Liberty


Minerva Teichert, 1930



Minerva Teichert, 1930

Holding high his rent garment inscribed with the title of liberty, Moroni is framed on either side by four soldiers–two are kneeling, writing their oaths on their torn garments, and two stand at Moroni’s side as they rend their garments in covenant. Probably painted in 1930, the mural reflects Teichert’s beaux-arts training in its linear quality, well-defined physical features, and a symmetry intensified by the use of framing figures. Moroni stands at the top of a stairway that is flanked by two images of the feathered serpent with startling turquoise eyes. The architecture suggests Moroni is rallying his people at a temple. The symmetry and perfect balance of the mural, the clouds on the horizon, and the still horses capture a moment of noble calm before the storm of battle. (Book of Mormon: Alma 46:12, 13, 19, 21)

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Canvas, Paper


10" x 6.7", 14" x 9.3", 21" x 14", 30" x 20", 36" x 24"


Black, Champagne, Espresso, Natural, Print Only


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