Helaman’s Striplings / Samuel the Lamanite


Minerva Teichert, 1949-1951



Minerva Teichert, 1949-1951

After receiving a farewell and the shield of faith from their mothers, these young Lamanite men turn in sequence to walk uprightly before God and march in harmony with their fellows. Arches overhead reinforce the sense of their unity. Not having weapons in their own convert families, each is ceremonially armed by the prophet Helaman. Another Lamanite shielded by great faith, Samuel is protected from arrows, spears, and stones as he prophesies to the Nephites. Teichert visualizes the protective power around Samuel as heavenly rays of light. An opposing, but lesser power as well as a sense of motion is conveyed by the trail of light behind the spear. The flight angles of the spear and arrow direct our eyes to the prophet’s right hand, which is centerd in the embrasure. He has stretched forth his hand in an allusion to the signs of the crucifixion in Christ’s hands. Delivering the signs of Christ’s coming birth and death is part of Samuel’s mission, and he warns the Nephites that those who do not repent will be destroyed when Christ dies. Teichert equates Samuel with a noble savage coming out of the wild jungle adorned with earrings and a blanket, his hair dressed in a braid. (Book of Mormon: Alma 53: 16-18, 20-21 and 56: 47-48)

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