Sermon on the Mount


Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1877

Framing available for canvas prints between 10 & 21 inches.


Sermon on the Mount

Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1877

Bloch’s inclusion of an array of believers who have gathered to hear Jesus’ words allows us to view this religious piece even through a contemporary lens. The humble and poor look on in adoration; some clasp their hands in hope. They lay aside their baskets, water jugs, and staffs, forgetting their daily tasks. Some look interested but skeptical. The bearded man behind the figure of Christ who appears to consider and reflect on His words may well be a self-portrait of Bloch. The young girl in the gold robe and mantle carefully attempts to capture the butterfly that has landed on the woman’s white veil.

(Excerpt taken from “The Master’s Hand: the Art of Carl Heinrich Bloch”)

More About Bloch

Carl Bloch was an academic Danish painter who is best known for his paintings depicting the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

He received his artistic training at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Later, while living in Rome for several years, Bloch studied paintings by the great Italian masters.

When he returned to Copenhagen, Bloch quickly established a reputation as a religious painter. This led to major commissions for paintings in churches and chapels of Denmark and Sweden.

His extensive body of work includes over 250 paintings and 78 etchings. Still, Bloch considered his religious works to be his most valuable contributions. His productive career ended early when he died of cancer at the age of only fifty-five.

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