Loading The Ship


Minerva Teichert, 1951



Minerva Teichert, 1951

The ship that will carry Lehi’s family to the promised land fills the center of the picture. The scene is calm and purposeful, with the men hoisting provisions and the women waiting to board. At the right, three graceful women carrying jars resemble a row of Greek statues, while a woman at the left holds her child in a pose like a madonna. As the artist developed the final version of the scene, she added distinctive details of “curious workmanship” to the ship (1 Nephi 18:1), including an unusual prow and sails sewn together from many small pieces of fabric. Although propped firmly in place, the ship leans toward rough seas. Its sails billow lightly as though it is about to move toward the clouds beyond the horizon–a foreshadowing that the faith impelling the family to build a ship and sail it to an unknown land will be tested. (Book of Mormon: 1 Nephi 18:6)

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Canvas, Paper


10" x 7.5", 14" x 10.6", 21" x 15.9", 30" x 22.7", 36" x 27.2"


Black, Champagne, Espresso, Natural, Print Only


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